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Not Sure What To Do?

What do you do when you are not sure what to do? Job searching will eventually run down this path where you will feel like you answer every question with an “I don’t know” type of answer. Why is this?

There are many reasons for it but the most prevalent one is due to confusion. Confusion is the brains way of signaling that it is overwhelmed and cannot operate with efficiency. The brain gets this way when we let our emotions get the best of us. Emotions have a way of slipping in the cracks and without warning filling our “gray matter” with wrong, typically negative thoughts. Don’t let your brain do this to you. You have to make a change.

Change your surroundings for a day or two. Change your routine a bit. Pray. Tell yourself a list of 10 positive things every time you start thinking down. This work will help bring you out of the bottom where you are sitting. You are doing it to yourself. Because of it YOU are the only one that can bring the change. Start changing “mechanically” and eventually it will become more automatic.

Hang in there as the tide will turn for the better; just be patient.

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Internet Job Search

It is safe to still say that if the only way you job search is via the internet, it is going to take you a lot more time to find a job. The internet is wonderful for researching and discovering new job opportunities. The main problem is there are millions of other people going there as well. Your competition increases 10x or even 100x for every job posted.

So where does that leave you? Basic economics says that Supply + Demand = Cost. Let’s rephrase that for job searchers as: # of jobs + # of job seekers = competition. So going a little deeper and start to play with the numbers we see this:

If the # of jobs stays the same and…
The # of job seekers goes up then…
What happens to the competition?

It goes up as well. This is how economics plays into any job search. We all know people are finding jobs on the internet (at least I see it from my clients). How do those people get hired? There are many factors but the most prevalent is how they appear. If someone has the perfect background an employer is looking for, they will get at least an interview unless the job posting was a fluke or done to generate market research or something.

Can you really tell anything about a job from the job description? I hear it all the time from my clients and friends…”The job description was asking for EXACTLY the experience I have. Why didn’t I get at least a call? Then I saw it in there again the next week. What am I doing wrong?” This happens constantly and needs to be discussed…maybe next time.

Just remember that if you are only going to rely on the internet for your job search, you are going to have to multiply your efforts to generate leads. In a competitive environment like job searching, you really have to have the best qualities or at least appear to have them.

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What To Do When “Spinning”

Frustration while job searching may happen often. We all get frustrated at times; some of us more than others. When you are job searching the littlest things can add tension to an already tense time. In addition, many people try to process what type of job they want or could do. If you think too much on this subject, you could start “Spinning.” Spinning or swirling is when you feel like you are moving from idea to idea on what to do or where to do it. This back and forth will eventually cause you to spin out of control.

Spinning out of control is never a good feeling. If you find yourself doing this, take some time to target what the top 2 or 3 “pain points” are. Pain points are the things that you cannot figure out how to handle. These may be financial (no income = not being able to make payment) or it may be pressure to relocate or it may be your health. Whatever they are these “pain points” are creating much of the frustration. Pick 1 of them at a time and work on it. If you don’t take care of it, it will eventually take care of you. Fix one at a time.

Additionally take some time off from your job search. Don’t go do things that will add to your situation (like shopping or spending $$ or running away). Schedule regular breaks where you take a hike, visit a site or museum or do something you don’t normally do. Get you mind working in another direction. It will give you a break and may help fix a problem.

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