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Blog Hiateus…Family First

Sorry for the delay in blogging over the past few weeks….I needed to spend some personal time with my mom and family during a tough time. Mom has cancer that went from uterus to lung to brain. She is still battling and will until the end. Mom is strong in a number of different ways and I love her for her strength.

The main reason for this blog is to remind everyone about the idea of family first. In the end we really on have each other. Some people have great friends who act as family and that is great too. But in the end putting others before our own needs is the right thing to do. This is true with raising kids or taking care of our parents or others. Sometimes when we are job searching we want what we want without thinking about the others who mean so much to us.

Don’t take that job if it puts your family at risk or breaking apart. Don’t consider the $$ over someone else’s well being. In the end the well being of our families is crucial because it is sustaining. Jobs and companies and businesses will come and go but we cannot easily remove those who are closest.

When I was a kid and we went to Sunday School I remember learning one very important principle…..J O Y comes from putting:

J esus first
O thers second and
Y ou last

When we give to others we are truly giving.

Don’t be scared to give or do that thing you know you really need to do whether it be:
- apologize
- ask the tough question
- lend a hand
- smell the roses

Live today as there is a tomorrow but unbeknown what it will look like.

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