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Repeat Your Efforts

In my experience, some job searches are quick and others are very slow. I still haven’t figured out what truly speeds up a job search as there are so many factors. What I can say is there are levels of activity whereby results have followed. What I mean by that is what I term Repeating Your Efforts.

I have worked with some clients where we have targeted over 300 companies without any luck in getting them hired. These clients have received some emails, telephone interviews and a few face to face meetings but no job offers. Have we failed? NO we haven’t. The reason we haven’t is because many times it is one of the next 20 or 30 companies we contact where the right opportunity presents itself and my client gets an offer.

Repeating your efforts no matter how many times you have done it is essential. Don’t give up but keep moving forward. The reason you keep trying and moving forward is because you learn something new every time you repeat your work. You learn more about yourself, your resume, your marketability, etc…

The job search is about doing it better and better every time. Eventually these activities pay off. How long will it take; one never really knows. The real question is are you committed for the long term? If so, keep repeating the work you are doing and something WILL open up for you.

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What Seeds Are You Planting?

Well I am finally back from my trip to see Mom. She is doing ok given her situation. Life has a way of taking me for a ride sometimes. This one is no different.

This post is geared towards reminding you to be patient during your job search. I know this is a very difficult thing to master. Patience is a challenge for many of us because we have our own “time table”. This is normal in my opinion but one that needs to be kept under control.

The first rule in any job search campaign is to plant good quality seeds everywhere you go. Whether you are at work or play or church or home, it is vital to be planting seeds that exemplify who you really are. The seeds I am referring to are not to manipulate a person or situation but to demonstrate the type of person you are.

Seeds are the little things you do and say that provide clues to your character. If you are frustrated people will know it. If you are desperate, people will sense it. If you are calm, they sense that too. Keep a check on what you are showing to people in the little things you say or do. This will invariably hurt or help your job search.

You have permission to discuss your feelings with close friends or relatives in order to get out your frustrations or fears. Just don’t carry them on your shoulder or tongue. Keep tabs on the perceptions you are leaving people every time you see or meet them. Your job search will thank you.

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