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Decide First, Decide Later

Sorry for the confusing title but wanted to outline two very distinct ways to look for job opportunities. Most people do a hybrid of both techniques which is also fine.

Decide First: This technique is for the person who wants to craft what they are going to do next in their career. You don’t have to be an analytic-type to conduct this activity but your first inclination is to start to put a plan together on what your next job will be. You may like your work but hate your boss or the company you work for or the hours and pay you receive but generally want to plan the next step down the path you have started.

This idea of analyzing and planning you next career move provides you greater control of the direction you want to go in and helps to minimize the “bumps” in the road. Some people who practice this technique do so to create busy work so they can delay getting started. This mini procrastination can become a major problem if not kept in check.

Decide Later: This technique if for the person who doesn’t really know what they want to do next. Their first inclination is to just get out there and see what happens. After they find an interesting job title or opportunity they decide if it what they want to do. This change many times is a 180 degree change in career and many times this type of person handles change and the unknown best; they actually thrive on the unknown.

This type of search provides much less control and more reliance on outside influencers to guide or direct their efforts. Some of the people who gravitate to this technique are optimists who just dig in and get the job done. Their down side is they are not very patient and can miss opportunities if they would just give some time. In addition, this technique lends itself to proceeding down a direction that other people think or believe you should.

What do you do??? Glad you asked. I believe you should use both techniques while job searching. If you are out of work and need the income, find whatever you can to pay the bills. Once the bills are being paid, start exploring options you like and others like for you. In addition, start talking to people you know (and those you don’t) about your hunt and see where the conversations take you. Using both techniques can really be fun and add some unknown directions to consider.

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May, June, July…is anyone hiring?

There are so many ups and downs to job searching it can be difficult to figure if anyone is hiring. I have written often of the “roller-coaster” ride a job search is. The summer months are no exception; the ride is still there.

Actually, we have seen an up-tick in job leads for our clients. One client in particular has not had a bite in almost 2 months then all of a sudden BAM! a great interview set up within 48 hours of receiving her resume. She had a telephone interview with the President of the company and a face to face with the hiring VP. She was ecstatic. The problem was that I could not answer the question why the TWO MONTH dry spell. It can be frustrating even for professional like us.

Stay strong and keep your priorities in check. Your search may take longer than expected but this is no reason to just give up and shoot for a lower paying or level job. Dig in and keep pushing hard because things will turn around. AND DON’T get caught saying: “The economy is bad…blah blah blah.” You have NO EXCUSES to finding a job and don’t lie to yourself about why things are not working. Make some changes in your presentation, cold call list or whatever and keep going.

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