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Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Craigslist…Which Is Best?

It is tough to figure out which job board to use for locating job leads. I always recommend clients I consult with to use ALL of them. They all are good at locating job leads. Some are better than others for a given person but it is important to visit them regularly. Regularly doesn’t mean once a week. It means ONCE A DAY!

This is tough for most people because if you are going to the same job boards day after day, it can be tough to keep it up for weeks or months until you get a response. This point strikes a nerve for a bigger lesson…job searching takes time and you should leave NO stone unturned. You should visit the places you find leads over and over again until something comes up.

Job search daily…or let someone else do it for you.

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Today’s Top News Story…is Stupid -Link-

I read a story today titled: “How to Boost Your Energy on the Job”. The link is attached above. (click the word “link” above) I REALLY want to know why this is one of Yahoo!’s most widely emailed story today. Mr. Carmine Gallo did a nice job outlining some of his interviews with famous business people and what they say about why they have energy at work. In summary, his main focus is on three areas to Boost your energy at work: 1. Get more sleep, 2. Get more exercise and 3. Think uplifting thoughts. These are his secrets…how STUPID!

I am sorry to be tough on this guy as I don’t know his writing AT ALL. He is probably a great writer. All I know is this may work as a 3-step plan for some people, but for most I know have enjoyed their work no matter how much sleep or exercise they were getting and whether they thought about uplifting thoughts. I am all for all three of these items but not as a recipe for boosting energy at work.

Let’s not forget that work is WORK. That means it is hard, tough, and frustrating at times. It is also gives us some of the greatest pleasure, reward, comfort and passion we will ever know or experience. You will have good days and bad days at work. Finding more energy is a tough science. The reason it is tough is because there are a multitude of things that can deplete the energy stores. No matter what your energy level is you make a conscious decision to do a good job. Do a good job by choice each and every day and don’t rely on how you feel. Feelings will keep you guessing too much. Don’t ignore the feelings but wait a few hours or days and they will change again.

Work is hard even when you don’t feel like it.

Job search extra hard today, even if you don’t feel like it!

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Our New Website and Why Work WIth Us!

Our new website is finally finished and what a fun project it was (well it is really never over as we like to change it to create a better user experience). Please visit us for our updated services under the Hire Us tab.

Why we did what we did – We made the changes to our site out of need. Many people want to search for jobs on their own and see how it goes. We STRONGLY encourage you to do that. Maybe you won’t need us – we are fine with that as we learn all the time on the best way to locate your new job. If you found what you were looking for, please let us know how you did it so we all benefit.

For those of you who are frustrated or time constrained in looking for a new job, let us help you. Sending a resume out into the internet blindly or without proper form and function will produce VERY limited results. If you are seeing limited results from your efforts, it is because your resume is getting lost out there or is not being seen.

Don’t get lost anymore. We can help you target job opportunities the right way by the following:

1. Resume – it needs to contain key industry and job function words so the databases you send it to can read and organize it. We write resumes with this info included for optimum results. Your resume needs to create the reader to want to know more about who you are and what you can do. We are good at that as well.

2. Cover Letter – a cover letter should have a general outline format but should change for EVERY job posting you submit to. Don’t get caught sending a generic cover letter for different jobs. Each one deserves your attention to the details the hiring manager is looking for. We will do this for you.

3. Job Search where? – this is where we help you target job opportunities and get to them first. Our computer aided systems are designed to send your resume to the job posting as it comes available online. You will be the first with your resume to the posting. We also have professional researchers who will locate hiring managers at local companies for you to target. This allows you to go right to the source and submit your resume to them directly. Some of our packages provide resume posting or blasting as well. These are good tools to use when job searching and we add them when appropriate.

4. eMail Advising – best of all you get someone who you can contact for up to 30 days to provide you with ideas on locating jobs in your particular industry or to help you with the entire process. We don’t just design you a resume, cover letter and send out your resume to a few posting. We stick with you during the most crucial time; the beginning. We are here to help give us a chance.

There is a cost for our service as with most services. Don’t rely on the free job search assistance out there. It may leave you still needing help. Having us work with you is like having a second set of eyes job searching for you. It is our job, stop wasting time and let us help you.

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Making Decisions

As an adviser for, I routinely work with clients who are making decisions. There are decisions for what career direction to go in, what the resume should look like, what websites they should routinely visit, what additional services they need, should they accept a job they really aren’t sure if they will like, and many more. All these questions require a decision to be made whether immediately or within a certain period of time.

Many times the individual will ask a spouse or friend or associate for their advice. This can help but many times going to someone with this level of problem can leave you with many different answers. This variety of answers can get a person “swirling” in their mind over what to do. This swirling is when someone gets confused on what to do and that confusion takes over their way of making decisions.

It is tornado season in some parts of the country. Tornadoes typically don’t just show up without much warning. Many times weather systems collide and conditions are ripe for a tornado. Before the collision and formation of a tornado, you can see a building up of these weather conditions. The sky gets dark, temperatures drop, winds start to swirl, etc. This building up to a tornado is similar to what people go through when making decisions within their job search.

The tornado is similar to the term I mentioned earlier “swirling”. Job seekers can get wrapped up in all the activities as well as the ups and downs that they forget the basics or facts. The basics or facts are why it is important to develop goals and a plan for your search. If a question comes up about a resume, ask yourself if the resume is going to get you to your predetermined goal. If a question comes up of should you take a lower level job, as yourself if it meets any of your most important goals.

This checking system for decisions is very important. If you can self govern your own decisions to what you have predetermined with the goals you make, your decisions will be easier to make. Don’t fret so much over a decision. Decision are meant to be tough. Also keep in mind that even if you make a bad one, you will learn from your mistake for future reference. Go make decisions the right way!

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When At The Bottom, Look Upward.

Well Mom lost her battle with cancer last Monday morning. She took her last breath and passed into her next life. My belief is she is taking residence in heaven. This not only helps me get through my tough days it also reminds me of my own life. Watching someone die is very difficult especially when it is a family member. Mom knew her last days were coming to a close. She knew that sometime soon she too would breath her last breath as do many cancer patients in the last stage of the disease. She knew it and that is the weird part.

I asked her a few weeks back why she didn’t go out and do something she always wanted to do or buy something she always wanted. She looked at me with a puzzled look and said I have done everything I wanted to; there is nothing else to do. That attitude struck me as funny. It was funny probably because there are so many things I want to experience and do before my life here on earth ends. There are so many experiences I have only heard of but never tasted.

Mom had all the people around her she wanted. She had her kids and sisters by her side and that was good for her. She enjoyed her life even with a few regrets. I don’t think the pain I feel for Mom not being here is what she would want. I know she wanted me to continue doing what I was doing. What she did want is for me and everyone around her to know that even when you feel like you are at the bottom with no where to turn, you can look upward for strength. Mom was a Christian and believed in God to the fullest. She instilled good Christian principles and beliefs in me and my sisters. Looking upward did not provide more understanding or relief or acceptance but what it did do is remind her (and me) that life is right now. Once it is over, it’s over. Do the things that make you nervous or scared or push yourself because you really only have this moment to live. Look upward for strength and you will find it.

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