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Moving , Labor Day and Mucky Muck

We have finally decided to move away from the heat of the desert!! My family and I are very excited. We have picked Denver, Colorado as our destination. I guess we are trading the heat for the snow…So Be It! The kids are going to love the snow and my wife and I will enjoy our time in front of fire places, hot-totties and watching the kids enjoy our new surroundings. With that being said, my blog time will be limited between now and the beginning of September. Hold tight and visit with me again probably after Labor Day.

As far as the Mucky Muck…job searching has been very tough through the summer months for some of the clients we work with. If it has been tough for you, don’t get bogged down in the Mucky Muck of it all. The Mucky Muck to me is the stuff that grabs hold of you with a tight grip and won’t let you go. Whatever you are telling yourself (negative stuff) about why you are NOT getting hired is it. Yes the economy is challenging and will probably continue into the new year. Don’t use it as an excuse to quit or slow down your activities. There are good jobs out there and YOU are a good catch to an employer.

I tried a new service for a couple of my clients recently. It is MyJobHunter. One client is open to relocation and using this system we applied to 340 specific to her all over the US. She received about 10 calls and 25 emails of inquiry of her interest. These are still not good numbers but encouraging. Using MyJobHunter really got her resume and cover letter out to job postings very quickly. Many hiring managers are receiving hundreds of resumes of qualified candidates. The early bird many times gets the worm.

I have a link on the blog page to MyJobHunter if you are interested. It is just above the Google Ad box over there————————- >>>

Stay Strong. See ya in September.

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Who Is Michelle Yeoh and Job Searching

I thought I would discuss ups and downs today. Everyone has or has had them at one time or another. Tragedy eventually will nest in your backyard. It is not a threat or a pessimistic view but a reality of life. Tragedy can take many forms but the over reaching issue is the feeling of something happening to you where your thoughts are tangled around with no current understanding of a way out.

I was reviewing the career of Michelle Yeoh this morning. Michelle has been in films for the past 20 years. We know her in films such as Tomorrow Never Dies and Memoirs of a Geisha. Early in her life she suffered a spinal injury which destroyed her chances of becoming a prima ballerina. This injury could have ended her desire to dance and be in the theater but it didn’t. It did postpone her ambitions but she never lost her dreams. Life threw a tragedy (curve ball) at her and she managed to still swing at it and hit a home run.

What tragedy are you facing? Have you lost a job, house, family member? Stay in the game. Don’t take yourself out of the game. If you do the game wins. If you keep on moving even when it hurts, the rules of the game will become clearer and you will see light on the other side.

Check back in!

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