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Blast From The Past

I just spoke with an old client of ours who worked with one of our staff on locating a new job. He was late 50’s and had worked at a National pool company for over 18 years. He knew he probably should have taken more management opportunities at the company or searched for a new job 5 or 10 years earlier….but he didn’t. He was making so much money in sales and loved his job he didn’t want to quit.

He found himself on the bad side of the real estate market providing a service(pool installation) for home buyers and builders. The business dried up, the company started laying off in droves and people started jumping ship in droves to find a new job; any job. My client stayed as he know he would just live day by day until something opened up in the industry he REALLY wanted to work in – the ministry.

His call was timely as he had just found out that the church he had been going to for a number of years just recently started looking for a new pastor for their singles ministry. He was delighted to be able to apply and eventually got the position.

How did we help him…you ask? We worked with him for 3 months on a retainer basis and throughout the entire time, we stressed he was in a tough place but to keep strong and eventually the “right fit” would open up. Both he and us called, emailed and visited a variety of places he could easily apply his experience to. You never know where or when the best opportunity will open up. For him the right opportunity DID open up but he felt some pain waiting.

We spoke often about him trying to push a situation his way and how having an attitude of patience would be best for him. It worked and he learned a very valuable lesson. His lesson was patience. Your lesson might be keep pushing forward and maybe push harder. You will learn something from the job search process. I recommend letting it sink in!

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Election, Obama, McCain and Your Job

How does the election help or hurt your job search? This is a question we ponder at this time of the year. How does the election change the way jobs are created or lost?

Each candidate or party affiliation has their own agenda for the employment sector. The republicans believe in alleviating taxes on the small and medium size businesses which allow them to expand their operations and hire more people. The democrats believe that job creation is done by building up the infrastructure which in turn creates an environment for job creation. Both have merits but how does it impact you?

The answer is it really doesn’t in the short term. If you are frustrated or scared about your job right now, you are feeling the pain today. The government’s plans do not really impact your choices right now. They can impact your future choices. For example, if you are in an industry where jobs are being sent to other countries, you may feel the pain sooner rather than later. But again, your pain in your job is immediate.

Making excuses for your job pain will not help you get out of that pain; many times it will keep you in the pain. If you are feeling it right now, push yourself to use the pain as motivation to get started exploring your job options. Use the pain to your benefit don’t wallow in it. Wallowing only gets you more stuck.

Get moving and get unstuck today.

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