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End of Year Job Search

I spoke with a potential new client yesterday about job searching at the end of the year. He was wondering if anyone is hiring now. This is a question which is asked at this time of year pretty frequently. The answer is YES companies are hiring. DO NOT USE THIS AS AN EXCUSE to whimp out on your job search.

OK, unemployment went over 6%. Ok, the market is in the tank. Ok, the economy appears to be slowing and having some problems. Ok. Ok. Ok. There are ALWAYS excuses to why we cannot find a new job. These can be your health, relationships, time, money, or even the economy. All are excuses and you are NOT allowed to use them with me. I don’t care what the job search “weather” looks like out there. Get you butt moving and keep looking for a job. Don’t stop!

On the flip side, I do understand it is tough if you have payments, a family to support and emotionally down. I really do understand. What you need to do is use whatever tool you can to keep your positive head in the game. Repeat positive things to yourself three times a day or ask someone else to pump you up every day or whatever you can do to stay strong. It is a “street fight” to find a new job. Get out there and get bloody. You will learn more about yourself through this tough time. You CAN do it!!

Let’s Get Started!