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Job Search Techniques

WHAT WORKS when looking for a job? This is an eternal question that never really gets answered. I really want to conduct some research and write a book on this subject…maybe someday. Until then I will have to go on the experience with my clients. Here are some guiding principles:

1. Do everything you think of
2. Do it daily
3. Don’t give up

Job searching is a learning process. While you are looking for a job you should be learning a lot about the skills you bring to a company and how you are viewed in the “marketplace”. Make sure you try out different variations to your resume for different types of jobs. This will also aid you in determining what potential employers are interested in.

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TheLadders Revisited

I have received a number of comments on a previous blog pertaining to service. I would like to use this post to make a few additional points:

1. will definitely not work for everyone. If I have to guess, it probably works well for about 20% of the users. That is a low number but the question is: “Is it worth the investment?”. I will address this question later.

2. is a place where unprofessional recruiting outfits can take advantage of a good situation. The goal of was to provide a service to both recruiters and job seekers who are over the $100k mark. This was their intention but over time inappropriate use has infiltrated its borders.

3. No matter what website or service you visit whether free or for a fee, you REALLY have to be cautious. Some general things to keep in mind are: don’t quit you current job until you are confirmed and hired at the new one, don’t provide any personal information such as SS# or personal details to anyone unless you are sure it is legitimate, and be patient.

In regards to the earlier question about being worth the investment…I think it may be worth the shot if you are in the $100k range AND in a high demand industry or profession. Recruiters are always looking for good candidates to “bring into” a company they recruit for. This type of recruiter is a contingent recruiter who presents candidates to hiring authorities in hopes they will get hired. Each of these candidates have a “price tag” around their candidacy which my preclude their ability to get hired. On the flip side, these recruiters have built a relationship with the hiring authorities of various companies and try to only send the best candidates to them. It can work both ways.

Always remember, there is no “One Way” to find a job. I always suggest conducting multiple campaigns to find opportunities. Starting with a targeted resume, you can really locate opportunities by targeting companies who hire what you are targeting.

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