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Its Friday, What About Monday?

Her is a tip on how to keep going with your job search. It is Friday and many of us want to close the computer and get on to the weekend. I am a big fan of taking time off of the job search over the weekend or one day a week. But when you are planning this break, set up what you are going to do for when you return.

Setting up for Monday as I am calling it will help clear your mind the day before you get back to the job search. When you just close the computer and kind of “give up” until Monday, you are setting yourself up for potential anxiety on Sunday night. Or if you are just taking one day off, you are setting up tomorrow night to be a bit anxious. Getting ready for when you return gives your brain some extra down time because you already have your plan ready to start when you get back.

I have a new saying that I am tinkering with…Job Search PDQ or Job Search is about Perseverance, Don’t Quit. All you can do is one thing at a time. Do that one thing well and go to the next thing. I do allow you to quit for a short time but you cannot quit for very long. Quitting brings you down, perseverance eventually brings you up!

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