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Craigslist VS TheLadders

I have heard from a number of you on many of my posts but the ones on Craigslist and TheLadders seems to be the most popular. I think most of the comments about TheLadders have been negative EXCEPT for the experience one of my clients had in locating a job via their site. This story is true and I can give you the reference if needed. Most of the comments posted and not posted about Craigslist have been somewhat positive which is on the opposite spectrum.

In thinking about the two service, I have to admit that maybe the costs involved and the perceived value a user places on a service has an effect on their feelings about is it “worth it”. TheLadders does charge a fee and because of this I suspect (as I would think) that you should receive a greater value than a free service like Craigslist. Since Craigslist is free, should the opposite value be placed on the postings? Evidently not because so many people love Craigslist.

As I have mentioned in many postings of days gone past…every tactic works some of the time and every tactic works none of the time. Unfortunately we cannot predetermine the right timing in locating a job. So how does one decide on which tactic to use for a given job search? I say don’t ask the career coaches but ask who you know this very question…or a tweaking of it. For the next few days ask everyone you see this question: “How did you get your last 2 or 3 jobs?” Ask them how they found out about the opening and how they applied for it. You will be surprised at the answers.

I asked a group of 12 men at a job seekers group meeting in Denver two weeks ago this very question. Of the 12 men, 10 have had at least 3 previous jobs. If we take those 10 guys and multiply by 3 previous jobs we get 30 job searches. Of those 30 job searches about 22 were found by the help of friends, family and acquaintances. The other 8 were found by other means such as the newspaper, internet postings and university career centers. That means almost 75% of the jobs were found by connecting with others and NOT emailing resumes to posting found on TheLadders or Craigslist.

Do what works most often and you will have success. Do what doesn’t work very often and you have a long waiting game ahead of you. Food for thought…

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