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Casual vs Serious Job Seeker

What are you? Are you a casual job seeker or one who is serious about it?

Casual job seekers are really twisting the statistics on what the best way to find a job is. Here are the differences:

A casual seeker is currently working but is looking for something else. They might be telling a few friends about their plans and sending some resumes to online postings they see while on the job. The majority of job seekers are looking for opportunities this way. Many of them get a hit here or there and some do actually find new opportunities.

A serious seeker is one who is out of work and really feeling the pain to locate an opportunity, any opportunity, no matter what. They need the money to survive. The serious job seeker is probably doing the same things but with a bit of hesitation as not to look like they are begging. Many of them are feeling their confidence waver and resort to the casual approach too.

The problem with the casual approach is that if it is used by the serious job seeker, it fails most of the time. This approach by the serious seeker is started initially shortly after they loose their job. They tweak their resume, send it to job postings and hope for the best. After a few days or weeks they do some more of the same activities and then really start feeling the pain of being out of work with no end in sight.

The serious seeker reads and hears through the media that times are tough or use a certain job board and you will find a job just like he did or she did. The confusion the serious seeker feels is due to the “mis-messaging” they receive which is really intended for the casual seeker.

So what is a serious job seeker to do? I believe if you are serious about your job search you should take it on as a project with short and long term goals and various stages. This type of mentality will help you focus your efforts and provide you a way to assess what activities produce the greatest results. If online job applying is getting you interviews, keep doing it. If that technique is not working, try a different one.

More on thinking about your job search as a project to manage in the next post. Stay tuned…

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