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New Year New Job?

I personally think you should always be thinking about your job and if you are heading in the right direction. Your job requirements can change often and that should encourage you to review your plans. If your job is not taking you in the direction of where you want to go…make the change. It is much easier when you are employed than when you are not.

If you have lost your job, CELEBRATE! That is contrary to most thinking because who wants to celebrate when you are trying to put food on the table. I say celebrate the job loss because you are now forced to find something new. Change can produce something great or not so great. But one thing remains constant and that is your attitude to the change. If you think your “change” is bad, IT WILL BE BAD. If you think it is good, it will be good.

Get excited about the change and make it good NO MATTER how you feel. Your feelings will get in the way; typically when you think things are bad. Don’t be controlled by your feelings. When you feel down, look past it and work to change it.

Why do we work? Most of us to make money to pay bills and buy things. Other reasons include giving, so you don’t get bored, etc. When work (or anything for that matter) is hard how do you get through it? You probably do as I do and look past it. When I was a kid and my dad had me shoveling coal for a furnace he had in his auto body shop, I didn’t like doing it. I actually hated it. I go through it by thinking about the end result. I didn’t get paid but did get the satisfaction of doing some tough work.

If you have kids and they are sick or up at night. You need your sleep but they don’t seem to be cooperating. Do you whine and cry and crawl up in a ball and hope they get over it? No you think about getting through it and what is on the other side.

Change your attitude and it will change your working life.

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