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What do you need?

Job searching is tough.  Finding advice for jobs can be a “dime a dozen”.  Everyone has an opinion and an idea.  Have you ever tried to ask three people what you should do in a given situation?  Do you get the same answer or different?  Most of the time I get different answers.  Everyone wants to guide you down the path the think might be best for you. 

I don’t want this blog to be about what I think you should do.  What do you need from it?  Maybe you don’t know and that is fine.  Maybe you do so let me know.  I WANT to know. 

A couple options I can think of are cool techniques for getting your resume read such as how to best use the job boards, how to work with recruiters, how hiring managers think, why they do the things they do, why you don’t get even a call back, tutorials on how to do things, video on what works, or even funny things that have happened to other job seekers. 

Advice jobs

Tell me what you need and I will try to deliver it.

Yo, Job Seekers!

Welcome to Jeff On Jobs blog.  I am looking forward to the interaction with you.  I am here for one purpose:  to help you change jobs.  You might be out of work, hate your work or just toying with the idea of finding a new job.  Well, let’s get started.

My goal is to post daily during M-F.  In addition I want to provide tools, resources, online discussions, forums and everything else to communicate with you.  Need a new job, start here!