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Girl Quits Job in Style

I ran across this last week about how one girl quit her job.  I thought it was pretty funny and creative.  Not sure if it is legitimate but worth checking out.  What I do like is she made the decision to leave a bad situation even without a safety net.  This is an individual decision to make but most of the time you will find your grounding even if leaving creates some short term hardships and sacrifices.  You are either moving forward or backwards with your career.  Are you advancing or declining today?

Girl Quits Job (click here)

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I don’t want to work!

Do you ever just get that feeling you don’t feel like working?  It’s not that you hate your job or wish you were doing something else (or maybe you do).  It is more that you feel disconnected with the world and wish things were a little easier some times. 

Recently I have been embracing this concept a little more than usual.  We took a nice beach vacation this summer.  It was the first “real” vacation we have had in a long time.  It was real because we got away from where we live.  We did not have internet so I could not check email from work or even personal.  We were pretty dis-connected from our routine.  It was the best feeling in the world.  Even now, a few months later, I still day-dream about that week we spent in California and how relaxing it was doing whatever we felt like it that minute.

So how can a regular guy (or gal) with a family and responsibilities figure out why that feeling of being out of synch with the daily routine is important.  Maybe that feeling is something we should embrace.  Maybe thinking about your life as a new white board where you want to feel the freedom to explore each day and what it has to offer you.  What if we started building a life that would incorporate all the things we enjoy doing.  What if you could build a working life that was not really work.  Is that possible?

I think it is.  I think it is so much that it should be part of your career planning process.  When you think about where and what you would like to be doing, think about what the day in the life you would like.  Would you like to work in the early morning and get done by noon.  Would you like to work in the afternoons and have your mornings free.  Go for it.  pick what and how you would like to do and plan for it.  Plan for it so that it becomes part of your daily progress.  Meet with your friends and family and tell them what you are thinking.  Ask if they have any ideas for you and start exploring.

I once had a client who was in his thirties.  His family was growing, his wife was sometimes is and he hated to travel.  He decided to plan his career so that he could somehow be close to home all the time and start doing something he always wanted to do.  It took a few years to save up the money and get the confidence to go for it.  One day he quit his job started his own business.  The business didn’t make the kind of money he wanted and had to find a new job.  He rented an office from a guy who had an opening.  The guy asked if he could work from a different state.  The owner said sure.  To date he is loving what he does.  The company headquarters is based in another state and he is the ONLY employee who work from home.  Pretty amazing. 

You can find these type of opportunities if you start thinking this way.  Take the first step today and start listing what you want from your job and start designing your career around it.  Soon you too will be free to roam.

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