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Marathon Job Search – Crash Through The Wall When You Get To It.

Job Search Funny

Not this "hit the wall"

Job Search = Marathon.  I read a comment on a Financial Times blog today comparing a job search with a marathon.  Wow what a great comparison.  If you have ever run a marathon you will definitely know what I mean.  Running long distances or pushing your body (and mind) further than you think you can go can be very rewarding.  I have run some long distances and have “hit the wall” on a number of occasions.  Sometimes it is no big deal while others can drag on for a long time. 

Hitting the wall in a job search may happen multiple times.  Finding a new job that fits what you need is very challenging.  It is challenging personally, mentally, emotionally, physically and draining.  A good runner and a good job searcher needs to be prepared with a plan when the wall is upon you.  It may just last a few minutes or hours.  Some wall periods can last days, months or even years.  I truly believe it can be the potential downfall into depression.  Depression is for another post but expecting the wall is key. 

What I do when I have hit walls in my career is to take myself out of my surroundings.  It might mean I start working in a different location, take a mini vacation, move my office around, borrow some space from someone else or whatever.  This is step one.  After that I try to get myself in front of people who I can help.  Sometimes working with others who may have more challenges than you can be uplifting.  These two activities help break up my personal wall.  This typically works after a day or two and I get back to work. 

You may have other ways to get out of the funk but find a system that works for you and then TRUST THE SYSTEM.  When you hit the wall, use the routine of the system to help you out.  The manualness of it will help pull you out.

In a funk.  Have a question?  Let me know.

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