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I Don’t Feel Like Job Searching

How many times do you find something else to do other than job search?  Do you tweak your resume one more time or check your email or Facebook account?  This type of p-r-o-c-r-a-s-t-i-n-a-t-i-o-n hits everyone at one time or another.  You just don’t feel like doing what you know you should be doing no matter how much it can help you.

Many times I don’t feel like doing things either.  Like now…right now.  I don’t really feel like writing this post.  I just had a small surgical procedure done yesterday and I have sit still to stop any swelling.  My computer is in my lap and I am feeling some pain.  I don’t feel like writing…I don’t feel like doing much of anything.  But I know my obligation is to you all and myself to keep writing posts so you can find a job…a great job. We don’t always feel like doing but it is important to make sure we keep doing what we know we are supposed to do.

I have learned three thing when the  “not feeling like it” seeps in.  If you don’t feel like job searching right now, see if any of these can help you get the pep back in your step:

1. Feelings come and go like the wind.  Because feelings are on the emotional level, they can feel really strong for a period of time.  The key is they are only there for a period of time.  When my mom died a few years ago, the feelings of loss and sadness stayed for many weeks.  Now it has been a few years and those feelings are still there but not quite so strongly.  Even strong feelings from a loss can come and go.

Because feelings come and go that means you can sort of manipulate them.  I don’t mean for your own sneaky needs but you can and should push through those type of feelings by doing.  Going ahead and doing something else can help you get your mind off the feeling and many times they quickly subside.  Those strong feelings go away pretty quickly when you get engrossed in what you are doing.  So do the actions first and the feelings will follow.

2. Feelings should always be a clue to you that something is going on.  When you are choosing to do that which you don’t want to do, then many times there is an underlying issue you have not dealt with.  Dealing with an “issue” when you spot it can be the most important thing you can do.  Issues have a way of cropping up in your life when you least want them AND they continue to pop their ugly heads up again and again until you deal with them.

For example, I hated public speaking about 14 years ago.  I hated, hated and hated it so bad I would hide when I had to do it.  I hated it in high school.  I hated it in college.  I hated it in my first job outside of college.  It was weird because it would pop up again and again in my life.  I knew I had to get a handle on myself or I would never deal with it and it would rule my life.  Eventually I stated doing small presentations to get myself comfortable with it.  Now, after all these year, I can honestly say I love public speaking.  It is a far cry from the guy who for years could not do it.  If I didn’t deal with that fear it would never have let me live in peace.

3. You feelings should be respected.  If you have a funny or bad feeling about a person or situation, you should trust that feeling.  Some people call it “instinct”.  I think of it more like a gut feeling that is created by your experience.  Respect that feeling and make sure you understand what you might be getting yourself into.

Now if you are just scared to do a certain job search technique, I don’t think you should respect it.  But if you are in a situation you know something is not right then you need to make the tough decision to get out.

Feelings can be both good and others can be destructive.  Learning to recognize them more clearly will really help you in your life on many different levels.  During a job search you will have a number of different feeling come and go from loss to frustration to even depression.  Recognizing what is going on in your head will help you uncover who you are and where you fit into this world.

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You Have My Permission To…

I give you permission to take off today and tomorrow from your job search (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) if you want to.  Go ahead relax, take a few days off and enjoy the season.  Not a lot goes on for the next two days and even if it does you still have my permission to take it off.

Actually you have my permission to take time off each week of your job search.  Working hard for a period of time straight can drain your body and soul.  So taking some time off is important.  Always remember that you might be taking time off with your activities, your brain will still be working hard on trying to figure out the puzzle.  The “break” or “time off” is so very important so you don’t overload your head with junk and emotions which can clog up your pipes.

I have always been a fan of time off.  Time off is just as important as time in.  I know in order to go to the next level or be better than the other gal (or guy) you have to put in the extra time and burn yourself thin, walking that thin line between moving forward and all-out injury.  I do get it.  What I don’t get is when someone does it for the wrong reasons.  They do it to look good or try to fill another void in their lives.  So instead of dealing with a fear they have they fill it with hard work which eventually burns them out.

Work hard when you job search during your most important hours of the day.  Then give yourself a break and it will reward you more than you can ever imagine.  Put yourself in new situations every day and expand your subconscious so it can drive your conscious.

Enjoy your time off.  You might miss something but sometimes you have to miss one thing to find the right thing.

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End of Year Job Search

ANYTIME is a good time to job search especially at the end of the year…ESPECIALLY around holidays….parties….get togethers…presents…volunteering…etc.

Of course things do slow down during the holidays including hiring.  That doesn’t mean there is no one hiring it just means the entire machine slows down.  That can mean good or even bad.  Let’s unwrap both.

The Good:

1. A slow down means both job seekers slow down and hiring slows down.  That also means there might be less competition for those open slots you find online.  If you are using online sources, this should be music to your ears.

2. Hiring managers are less bombarded by calls and emails about potential job openings.  That means you can probably get through for requesting an informational interview or to inquire about opportunities they might have opening in January.  Make the calls today.

3. January and February are very strong hiring months and this is the perfect time to get your name out there.  Contacting employers to get into their “tickler file” is an excellent idea.  The tickler file is one they use to save resumes and contacts for a future hiring need.

4. Parties, get-togethers and volunteering activities increase during this time of year.  It is a perfect time to get out into the community and with friends to explore if they know anyone in the field you are looking into.  Remember that ANYONE is a potential lead to finding a new job even people who are not in the industry you are looking at.  Anyone and everyone is a “target” for your conversation.  So go hit if off with people and see what you can help them with and what they can help you with.

The Bad:

1. Slow down…this is the only negative I can think of.  There is a slow down in the volume but always remember hiring managers are ALWAYS in search for good people.  That is one of their primary jobs so even though there is a slow down, it doesn’t mean you are out of the race.  Go find a race that is alive and well.

Getting hired means finding an edge in your job search activities.  This is the edge you might be looking for.  An end-of-year job search is perfect timing.

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5 More Job Search Myths

Myth 1:  Job search is difficult.  Ok bear with me for a second on this one.  Yes job searching is difficult I agree but I do think you might make it that way because of your fears.  Having a plan on who you are, what you are excited about doing (work you would love to do) where you are going in your career and who can best help you is the tough part.  But once you have that info figured out and straight in your head, you should be excited to get out and job search.  It should be exciting and easy because you know where you want to go.  So if you think the job search is difficult, you may want to spend some more time trying to figure out what excites you and then go search it out.  It might surprise you how fast you find something when you are excited about it.

Myth 2:  Your job search will take a long time.  Many people think their job search will take a long time because they are not sure what the future holds.  Actually, a job search can be something that doesn’t take long at all.  If you are let go from your current job, don’t take time off to find yourself or go on a mini vacation.  Get right in your chair and start looking immediately.  Any delay can derail your long term efforts.  Make your new passion finding your new job and then go on your mini vacation as a celebration once you have a starting date.  Plan to work six to eight hours a day for four full days a week.  Take one day off for other things and to keep yourself motivated but keep up a very healthy pace.

Myth 3:  Just finding a job with a paycheck or health insurance is a good stop gap.  I think this is a mistake.  I think you have to be careful you don’t get stuck in something you hate doing because at the end of the day you are affecting your future and your overall health when you are doing something that is unsatisfying.  If you truly are working hard and smart to find a new job in a great field, settling is taking your backup plan.  I am ok with backup plans but be very careful with this one.

Myth 4:  You think if you can just get into the interview you will get the job.  This is a tough one because the job market is so competitive right now.  Just getting the interview is not going to cut it like it used to.  Yes you might be better in face-to-face situations but you are still going to have to show value to the hiring manager on why they should hire you over someone else.  Long gone are the days when you can charm your way in.  It takes a lot more effort, planning and “selling” than every before.  Be prepared especially in the interviews.

Myth 5:  Since the economy is tough, I may have to take a pay cut.  This is a fearful cop-out.  You can find the same pay you were making and probably even more if you take a more planned approach to your job search.  It might require you to finish some course work or do a great job selling what you bring to a company but you can make more money in a new job EVEN if you were let go.  Pay is about perception and economics.  If they think you are the right person for the job and you have demonstrated they need you, your income can rise.

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