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Welcome to Jeff on Jobs.  My name is Jeff. Need some help with your job search?Jeff

Finding a new job can be tough.  I know, because I am a job seeker too.  I started Jeff on Jobs because I know how tough it is to find a job.  There is a lot of career advice out there and it is tough to figure out which piece you should be following.

Jeff on Jobs specialize in how to use online job postings, job boards and company websites in order to find a new job.  My hope is to create resources (eBooks, videos, blog posts, workshops, etc.) which will help you use job boards, build a flexible resume and communicate in the right manner so you can find a new job…quickly.

So why should you listen to what I have to say?

I am kind of unique in the sense that I love job searching and am actually considered a professional.  It is a little weird to be a professional job seeker but I have a lot of experience helping people find jobs and understand the process from the inside as well as the outside.  I started out my “profession” back in 1997 when I was re-organized out of my sales job into recruiting.  As a recruiter, I learned that many people were not always sure what they wanted to do as a career nor did they know how to find what they were looking for.

In my spare time, I started helping friends and family figure out what direction they should take their careers and how to best locate job opportunities.  That turned into a side business which eventually allowed me to quit my sales job and provide job search consulting services full-time.

In my consulting business,  job seekers would pay me up to thousands of dollars to help them find new job opportunities and get them into an interview.  I did all the work in helping them get noticed by hiring managers.  I learned what really worked and what didn’t.

For personal reasons, I had to quit the consulting business and go back to working for a company.  I used networking to land a pretty cool job with a small software company which was exciting.  After four years I left them (in 2012) and found two different jobs using the Indeed job board.  While using Indeed, I realized there wasn’t a guide to help others take advantage of Indeed’s powerful website which helped me find two six-figure jobs.  So I decided to create my first online product called Indeed Insights.

All of the information on this website is geared to help you be a better online job seeker.  There is no magic to finding a job.  What it takes is hard work, determination and a willingness to try new ways to get noticed by hiring managers.  Everyone has a different style and I am here to say that is OK.

Throughout the years I have had clients find jobs in many different ways. Heck, I have found all the jobs I have had differently. As a job seeker, I have learned a lot along the way.  Here is a list of the cool jobs I have had over the years and how I found each of them:

  • Director of marketing (networking)
  • Sr. Manager of Marketing (Indeed job board)
  • Sales person (advertisement)
  • Medical sales liaison (ad in newspaper)
  • Marketing team manager (online job board)
  • Director of business development (networking)
  • Marketing rep (networking)
  • Entrepreneur (boot strapped it…created it from scratch)
  • Recruiter (re-organized)
  • Consultant (boot strapped it)
  • Food server (networking)
  • House cleaner (flyers to get clients and networking)
  • Window washer (networking)
  • Merchandise stock-boy (ad in paper)
  • Forklift driver (networking)
  • Landscaper (networking)
  • House sitter (networking)
  • Patient escort in two hospitals which included restraining patients in the mental ward & conducting shave preps on patents before surgery…yuk! (advertisement)
  • Two days as a customer service rep – hated cubicles (networking)
  • Busboy for a week at a fine dining establishment (networking)
  • Grocery packer (showed up and filled out application)
  • Valetparker (advertisement)
  • Shoveled coal (family business)
  • Lawn cutter (networking)
  • Paperboy (called local newspaper when I was 12)
  • Selling on Craigslist (boot-strapped it)
  • And the two most important jobs I have ever had…a husband and a father.

Lots of jobs…lots of experience.  I am sure you have had a bunch of jobs in your past as well. Think about how you have gotten them and see if you can find any patterns.  I know I am good at using advertisements (job boards) and networking.

The internet has made job searching more efficient BUT also and more competitive. Staying ahead of your competition can be done with knowledge, a little creativity and the guts to take a few chances.

You will find what you are looking for…I am confident in that.

Let’s Get Started!