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Top 10 Tips On How To Find A Job 2012

Ok…here is my best shot at the most important tips on how to find a job in 2012:

1. Know Thyself – understand what you are looking for in your next job BEFORE you start searching.  You don’t have to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life.  Pick one direction, plan it out and stick with it.

2. Don’t get bogged down by social media stuff – I hear a lot of buzz around should I use Twitter or Facebook to find a job?  What is LinkedIn and how can I find a job with it?  If you don’t understand these tools don’t waste your time on them until you do.  Don’t let them be a distraction to your job search thinking they are the “magic bullet”.  They can help but they are not for everyone.  A successful job search means you connect with hiring managers and they want you.  Social media tools can help these interactions get started but I have also seen people spend so much time trying to make it work for them they miss great opportunities.  Don’t go down this “rabbit hole” if you get easily distracted.

3. Be genuine.  Be yourself – whether you are meeting someone to help you with your job search or a potential employer, don’t oversell yourself and your accomplishments.  You are who you are.  We like you as you are.  Don’t be someone or something you are not.  You have gifts and talents just like everyone else and you deserve what you are looking for.  Focus your efforts on who you are not who you want others to think you are.

4. Be a dream seeker - it is ok to be looking for the dream job or the right situation for your next job.  Dreaming and seeing those dreams become reality is such a wonderful experience, everyone should be striving for it.  I am a big proponent of you trying to find an opportunity that is over your head or out of your comfort zone.  “Stretch jobs” can be one of the most exciting times in your working life.  There are so many companies and so many types of hiring manager.  Look for the ones who believe in your and willing to give you a shot at your dream.  They are out there.  You just need to find one.

5. Your attitude is everything – I can’t tell you how important your attitude is.  Be happy, optimistic and positive no matter what is going on around you.  It will seep into your conversations and make your presentations most fruitful.  A bad attitude will do the same but sour your chances.

6. Don’t be too proud – being too proud is actually a form of fear.  Pride forces you to not let others into your life.  Pride puts up walls that might not be able to be seen by the other person but are felt at a deeper level.  Try “humbleness” on for size and see how it feels.  It is actually very comfortable and opens more doors.

7. Don’t give “canned” ANYTHING – no canned responses, no canned resumes, no canned cover letters, and no canned tuna (jk on the tuna).  If you look or act or sound like everyone else you are going to be perceived to be like everyone else…B-O-R-I-N-G.  Don’t be boring.  Instead be bold in order to stand out in someone’s mind.  Don’t be cocky but be bold and look for ways to make an impression.

8. The details will kill you – if you have never heard the old saying about the “devil in the details” you might want to think about this one.  Spending your time on making sure your resume doesn’t have errors or your “elevator pitch” sounds comfortable or whatever you are doing is done well, is very important.  Employers don’t want people who can churn out calls or data, they want people who take pride in their work (and maybe churn out the calls and data).  Make sure you are taking the necessary time to proof your work.

9. Slow down – if you are always feeling like you are rushing to get that resume to that lady or hurry up and push out that blog post or trying to hurry through coffee with a friend because your “schedule” is waiting, then slow down.  Slowing down allows you to focus on one project at a time and pour your whole self into it.  That means being a little flexible with your schedule and not putting so many deadlines on your time.  Have a plan but give it room to breath and take shape.

10. Have fun – now this one can be taken the wrong way if I am not careful.  I don’t want you to think of your job search as a party, necessarily.  I do want you to be excited about what direction your next job is going to take you in.  Thinking about the excitement for what is next in your working life can really get you pumped up.  Finding a job is no easy task most of the time, you might as well try to find ways to make it fun.  Adding a little fun to the work can make the work not seem so difficult.

I love the 10 tips here and hope you do too.

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What Do You Need?

It is a new year for you and me.  I have been writing this blog for over four years now.  I just realized one very important thing.  I have never asked you what you need.  I have never asked you to let me know what interests you right now, where you are.

So this is not really a post but more of a question to find out what is the one thing you need right now in your job search?  Now maybe your first answer is:  “A job” which is a good one.  I think that one is obvious…hopefully.  Dig just a little deeper and tell me what you need right now in your job or your job search.  If you need help with your search, what specific help do you need?  If you need support in your search, what specific type of support do you need?  What one thing is dragging you down where you can’t figure out what to do next?

Think about it and let me know.  All job seekers are welcome.  You can comment here or send an email to me at:  jeffonjobs at gmail dot com.  I will respond (or not if you prefer) to each message I receive.  I want to hear from you.

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Poop Or Get Off The Pot

This is for all the procrastinations out there.  Stop wasting time in a dead-end job.  Get yourself out there.  Meet people.  Talk about what you want to do when you grow up.  Get noticed.  Sell yourself more.  Ask good questions.

Find a new job, today.  Stop waiting and start moving.  I love this law of physics (and of job searching):  “A body at rest stays at rest.  A body in motion stays in motion unless acted upon.”

Act upon yourself today.

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Job Search Make You Laugh

I thought I would post some comics I pilfered off Google Images.  Sorry to those who did the original work but thanks for sharing. 

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Tired Of Excuses

No more excuses from anyone about not being able to find a job.  Excuses are lame.  Excuses are wrong.  Excuses are ways to avoid what you don’t want to do. 

STOP MAKING EXCUSES.  Do I make myself clear?

Please think about this concept a little before you think I am just frustrated or irritated with you.  I am not.  I just want you to wake up from your woe is me slumber and get mad, serious or angry.  Once you grab hold of one of those emotions, you will win at this job search thing.

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How To Find Hiring Managers

In this post I want to briefly explain how to locate email addresses for hiring managers at companies you are targeting for your job search.  Finding names of company hiring managers can be the easy part.  All you have to do is visit their website and locate their “About Us” page.  Here you will typically find a list of company directors and executives.  One of them is probably a hiring manager of a hiring manager you are looking for.  Another way to locate hiring managers is to google the job title (of a potential hiring manager) and include in the search  This will typically result in one or many names of hiring managers you can target.

You will have to tinker around with this technique because it won’t work every time.  Sometimes you will have to click on a google search result to actually find the potential hiring manager’s name.  Play around with it a while and let me know how it goes.  It does work to help you find hiring managers.

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Goodbye 2010

Hello 2011…welcome.  What did you wish you did last year with your career?  Wish you had started looking sooner?  Wish you could try something new in 2011.  Do it.  Gor for it.  Get it done. 

You are not behind.  You didn’t miss your opportunity.  2011 should be a year of OPENED EYES.  Open your eyes.  Take a few more chances.  Live a little more and go after what you want. 

2011 is your year.  Start right now!

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Job Search Engines USA

Job search engines can really help speed up a job search.  Or do they?  A search engine is an online system where you put your job search wish list in and out pops a perfect job for you.  Not all search engines are made the same.  Some of them aggregate jobs in one way, others for certain industries and a last group will collect job postings from other search engines.  

When job search engines first started here in the USA, they were thought to be the new job search technology that would bridge the divide between job seekers and hiring managers.  In reality they have turned out to be a headache for the hiring managers.  Hiring managers dread putting their job postings on the job boards because the search engines will pull their listing and send it to all the warm bodies looking for a similar type job.  Most of the resumes a hiring manager receives are not good.

The job seeker many times believes the search engine can find hidden opportunities they cannot.  Sometimes the search engine works exactly that way.  But most of the time  the results a search engine brings back are luke warm at best.  Job seekers hoping to find opportunities that others don’t see are typically misinformed.  THe engines are great aggregators based on their criteria and NOT yours.

If you do want to elevate your skills at using search engines to find jobs here is a hint which 95% of the job seekers don’t know about.  Most of the search engines now have advanced functionality.  This advanced functionality allows you to search for jobs using certain terms, locations, etc.  There are a few online video tutorials about using advanced functionality for job searching or just go to Google or Yahoo and experiment for a day or two.  You might find a hidden gem.

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Be An Ambulance Chaser

Have you ever heard of the term “ambulance chaser”?  If not here is a quick definition.  It is a derogatory term used to describe trial lawyers.  It describes in a negative way the level a lawyer will stoop to find business.  It is a derogatory term but at the end of the day it is actually a very good example of how to market yourself. 

So let’s un-wrap this a little.  A trial lawyer makes his or her living by winning court cases.  Court cases are basically one person suing another person or company for wrongdoing.  Wrongdoing is very subjective.  Based on my convictions I might think one thing is very wrong and you might think it is ok or even right based on your convictions.  There is  a lot of what I will term, gray area.  This gray area is where trial lawyers live and die.  It may seem harsh or low-life but as I mentioned it is a gray area.  Just wait until you are the victim of a blatant wrongdoing and the perpetrator decides to hide.

Being an ambulance chaser in your job search or even a marketing campaign (for business owners) is how you need to think.  Being an ambulance chaser means you first are going to find the place where opportunities are ripe for you.  figure out what type of job your are qualified for and who hires that type of person.  Once you have this then you need to start chasing the opportunities.  Find companies and eventually people who are your “warm bodies” and go talk to them.  Go talk to them armed with why you are the right person to help fix what is broken or missing in their department.  Talk to them in a way that meets them where they are at and the needs they have.  Talk to them not as a hungry job seeker but as someone excited about what they can bring to their situation.  Just talk to them.

Just like the ambulance chaser…if you know what you are looking for, you know where to find it, now go out and get dirty.  Get out there and chase them.  Chase them first otherwise you will be chasing them later with 100 other people. 

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Career Transition Workshop

Do you wish you had a workshop to go to in order to learn some new techniques for job searching?  I have been wanting to put one together here in Denver, CO for a while now.  I think there are some old techniques that work great and new ones which don’t.  There are also a lot of myths about job searching out there which need to be discussed or dispelled.

If you wish you could attend a workshop, let me know.  I am in the process of putting one together for both online and in person use.  What you would be interested in learning from this type of workshop would help me create it.  Send me an email or click on the question button over there – – – – – >

jeff at ecareercenter . com

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